People regularly think that mattress protectors are mostly for children that wet the bed – but this is certainly not the case. A great quality mattress protector is perhaps the most crucial investment you could make for your bed, and definitely not an investment you will regret. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why mattress protectors are important:


Quality mattress protectors assist in preventing any allergies. Dead skin cells accumulate inside your mattress and this is food for dust mites, so building a washable barricade between the mattress and you will stop skin cells from gathering inside your bed.


Most people rent their homes, which means that some people are living in furnished properties. In this case, previous tenants may have used the same bed, so it is beneficial to invest in a mattress protector to give you a peace of mind.


If you have spent a heavy amount on your dream bed, your main priority should be to protect the warranty of your mattress. While you are able to claim for broken coils, ripped seams and sagging, your claim is usually invalid if there is a stain on the mattress. Therefore, in order to avoid possible issues in the future, consider purchasing a protector to intercept any possible stains.

Bed Bugs

Mattress protectors are extremely effective at preventing bed bugs from excavating into your mattress. If you are worried that bed bugs might be moving in, invest in a mattress protector to stop them from entering your mattress.


Picture your mattress as a sponge, and over a period of time the quality will wear down as it soaks up moisture from its occupants. Our bodies produce oils, skin cells and perspiration during the night that has a joint impact on the comfort of the mattress.


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