When should you replace your mattress?

Getting a good night’s sleep in is extremely important when it comes to maintaining your wellbeing, and the mattress that you choose to sleep on is the first building block to making sure you are resting properly. You need to be getting the right amount of comfortable rest as it is fundamental to your health.

However, with so many different mattresses to choose from, deciding on the right one for your specific needs can be quite a bit more stressful than you might think.

Below we have a few pointers and some advice for you to take into consideration when buying yourself a new mattress.

Why is having a good mattress important?

Your mattress will need to provide you with the right amount of support while you are sleeping. Your mattress should be supporting your body in a neutral position, where your head, shoulders, heels, buttocks and your spine are in proper alignment. If this is not happening while you are sleeping, you will often wake up feeling tired and stiff.

When is time to replace your mattress?

It all really depends on the make and quality of your mattress, but generally, mattresses have a lifespan of more or less 9 years. Anton Odendaal from furniture and mattress supplier Rochester, says that if you find yourself waking up with pain in your lower back and after stretching, it dissipates after about 15 to 30 minutes, this is generally a sign that you aren’t getting the right support and that you should consider replacing your mattress.

Odendaal also says that over time, your mattress tends to collect fungus, dust mites and many other germs, and these germs can exacerbate allergies and have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns. After having your mattress for 9 years and using it regularly, he advises that you should consider buying a new mattress.

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