They say that the average person needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Most people feel quite comfortable functioning on just 6, while the odd few can do with as little as 3 or 4 hours a night. Though surprisingly little is actually known about why we sleep, we do know that it is important. So, don’t listen to those night-owls who claim that their most productive hours are the witching ones, rather, take these sleep-depravation facts to heart and start working on healthier circadian-rhythms for yourself.
The First 24-Hours
Most people have had the chance to go a full day without sleep, and so could attest to the significant drop in attention span and cognitive impairment that it brings. Though after just one day without sleep, hand-eye co-ordination also takes a dive, while the body itself will gradually feel more and more run-down. Sleeping patterns also have an effect on your eating habits and cravings, so sleepless nights and an unhealthy appetite also go hand in hand.
36 Hours without Sleep
Less than half a day later and the abovementioned symptoms are magnified greatly. The immune system will also suffer at this point while blood pressure will steadily increase. At this point, the half-awake subject will likely be ill-tempered, easily stressed out, and prone to periodic second-long naps.
After 2 Days
By the second day, the sleep deprived individual will flicker out of consciousness with less control than the day before as the body begins to conserve energy. At this point, mental functioning will be severely impaired, which would make the correct choice of not operating a vehicle difficult to make.
The Third Day
By the third day, all of the above symptoms will have intensified greatly, and to make things worse, the subject will start to hallucinate. It was at this point that Salvador Dali got most of his inspiration for his art; he achieved this by sitting with a spoon in his hand which would drop and make a noise as he fell asleep, forcing him to wake up again.
After 4 Days
By the fourth day, sleep deprivation can actually be fatal. The immune system becomes dangerously impaired, and so too does mental and emotional stability since the body becomes unable to correctly regulate the production of hormones. The metabolism and digestive system both begin to show serious problems, while a sharp increase in blood pressure and heart-rate increase the risk of heart-attacks, strokes and the onset of type 2 diabetes significantly.
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