It is a very bad habit of ours, as humans, to leave our pillows to get unsightly and then only make the effort to remedy it. We are all guilty of this, or have been guilty of this at some point or another in our lives. We do understand the need to keep our mattresses, or carpets or our curtains clean, and yet somehow certain pillows of ours, kind of miss the love. Maybe because they don’t seem to get dusty, or we think that the pillow cases and covers is the only part of the pillow that gets dirty.

Why We Need To Clean Our Pillows

We have started to realise that our pillows are harbouring the same and similar dirt that exists in our mattresses. By cleaning and caring for our pillows we are caring for ourselves and investing in our health. Our faces and our hair create its own natural oils every day and every night. We also shed our skin cells, dirt and sweat. This eventually affects the condition of the pillow itself as well as our health. By having fresh, plump pillows we have better nights’ sleep as well as investing in the health of our skin.

Pillow Care Tips

Our pillows are investments in ourselves, and that’s why we should be cleaning them slightly more often than our duvets. Before you begin to wash them and dry them and love them, you should read the instructions that come with it. Different pillows require different steps in their care. A feather pillow and a synthetically filled pillow differ in cleaning instructions. Before you wash a synthetic pillow, you should fold it in half, and if it springs open it is safe to wash, if not recycle it. You should wash pillows in pairs for washing machine balance. And rather use a mild liquid detergent, because powder might leave residue.

Heavenly Mattress

Always follow the washing instructions on the pillow; the manufacturer knows what is best for it! Taking care of your pillows increases their lifespan as well as your own enjoyment of them, and it is a great benefit to your health. However, if you’re looking for new pillows instead, visit Heavenly Mattress to view collection of world class pillows that are perfect for your body, and your bed!

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