The Importance Of A Good Mattress For Overall Health

The Importance Of A Good Mattress For Overall Health

Along with exercise and good nutrition, sleep is now also recognised as a very important contributor to having good health. Poor quality sleep or lack of sleep could lead to poor concentration, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure. Lack of sleep has also been associated with road deaths, mental illness and reduced productivity.
In previous research it showed that around 1 in 3 Australians were suffering from poor sleep quality and a very important factor that contributes to a great night’s sleep is having the right mattress. This is so important because we spend more or less one third of our life in bed, so take the time to do some research to ensure you’re getting the right bed.

Your mattress should be comfortable for you while still being firm enough to give you good postural alignment. The length of your bed should be at least 15cm longer than the tallest person that is using the bed. This means that you have to try the mattress first in the store, to ensure that it is comfortable enough and provides enough support for you and your partner. Often this can be a problem for couples who vary significantly in their weight. But you do get mattresses that come with different comfort layers on each side of the bed for these couples.
Below are common mistakes that people often make when choosing a mattress:

• When you test the mattress you should roll over on it. If you find this difficult to do then it may be too soft for you, and if the mattress is uncomfortable on your shoulders or hips then it may be too firm.
• Try not to test a mattress at the end of a full day of shopping, any mattress is going to feel comfortable at this stage!
The position that you sleep in is also important when choosing a mattress to buy.
What we should consider when buying a new mattress:
• To sooth pressure points all over your body while sleeping, plush layers will work best.
• If you normally sleep on your back or stomach then a firm mattress top is best suited as it gives you the proper support and comfort.
• If you prefer to sleep on your side then a pillow top mattress is more suited for you, the pillow top mattress layers are constructed from material that is soft enough to allow your body to sink in.

Another point to keep in mind is to make sure that the base you are using at home is similar to the one in the store as a mattress can feel much different if it is n a different base.
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