A digital detox is a relatively new term but it is pretty self-explanatory. We now live in a time where our lives are so integrated in technology, that it is frightening when you really think about it. Sure social media and connected technology are really great additions to our lives, personal and business related. However, as with pretty much everything else, there is a line of how we should use it and when too much is, too much. And like with everything else, we tend to ignore these things, because that is what people do.
How Technology Influences Our Health
We’ve all heard the different ways the different types of technology that we use is bad for us. As annoying as the lectures have been, they do hold some truth and solid advice. The pace that technology has advanced and integrated itself into our lives has not left much time for our bodies to adapt to it properly and in a healthy way. Technology influences our health in a physical manner and in a mental manner. There have been many studies done on how our smartphones are changing our brains, and how social media is dictating our self-confidence.
The Benefit of a Digital Detox
A digital detox is basically taking a break from social media and our smart devices. These do become overwhelming and often contribute to negative emotions and frustrations. And this new concept is a great way to give yourself a break that you did not even know you needed. By having a digital detox you are allowing yourself the freedom of enjoying your environment. A digital detox brings you more peace, there is no more silly drama, stupid and trigger Facebook posts and your phone is not constantly lighting up, vibrating or pinging. Complete peace. By being offline you are actually more productive because you are staying focused on the task at hand. You are avoiding large amounts of blue light which disrupts your sleep cycle and quality.
The Best Place to Enjoy a Digital Detox
Since technology has made its way into our lives as heavily as it is now, many things changed, including our sleep. We often find ourselves tired all the time because we do not get the chance to switch off anymore. But every now and then we can get back to normal by having a digital detox and setting boundaries. Complement a great night’s sleep without technology on a great new bed from Heavenly Mattress.

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